DOVE Derma Spa Hand Cream #DoveSA #DoveDermaSpa #RubyBox

Hey Lovies ☺️💕

Soooooo I’ve been using the Dove Derma Spa Hand Cream religiously for the past week and can I tell you that WOW! This formula is really impressive! I naturally have dry hands, especially during winter, andI have to put a lot of effort in keeping them moisturized. Thanks to this new formula i can say that the effort needed to keep my hands moisturized has drastically reduced because WOW! Dove describes their hand cream as an “indulgent hand treatment for velvety soft, even looking and luminous skin”… and boy oh boy were they NOT bluffing!


Every time i apply the hand cream… i feel fresh out the beauty spa (hense “Derma Spa”… get it? 😏) and yet I’m just in the library trying to get this degree! 🤣😂 The benefits I’ve so far enjoyed are:

  • Silky smooth application due to its well balanced consistency
  • The “spa-like treatment” effect with every application
  • Fast absorbing ability (because who has time for things to “sink in” nowadays? :’))
  • Extremely soft feeling
  • Moisturizing hands after a applying a tot!
  • The lovely scent

As much it says “specially made for dry skin”… anyone can use it! Can i tell you that this hand cream has caused havoc among my family and friends? Because everyone is fighting for it! And the fact that it’s winter just enhances the need for its existence. This is all because of their secret ingredients… Omega oil blend and CELL MOISTURIZERS! Well done to Dove for this hand cream… I never esppppeded’it! Really impressed! ❤️

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