NEW NIVEA PERFECT AND RADIANT TONING LOTION (oily skin) || #NiveaSA #RubyBox #PerfectAndRadiant

Hey lovies 🌷

Toners are a very sensitive topic in the skin care industry, especially if its a chemical based toner with all sorts of man-made or rather, “man-adjusted” ingredients (meaning once upon a time they were 100% natural until man tampered with the chemical structure). A toner is primarily supposed to

  1. Restore skin’s pH balance
  2. Add a layer of protection
  3. Moisturize
  4. Refresh


Before I actually jump into the review, lets take a look at the ingredient list:

  • Aqua: AKA, water! Obviously its the best ingredient in skin care, therefore i will not bother going into detail about its benefits.
  • Alcohol Denat: I COMPLETELY FROZE WHEN I SAW THIS AS THE SECOND INGREDIENT ON THE LIST BECAUSE… WELL ITS ALCOHOL! No, i didn’t think if taking a shot! :’) Alcohol is known for leaving the things dry that is why its a big eye opener in the cosmetics world. I didn’t jump the gun, but instead I actually did some research… annnnnnd because this particular Nivea toner is specifically for oily skin, I figured that the science behind Nivea including alcohol, was to reduce oiliness by using alcohol’s drying properties.
  • PEG-8: enhances the penetrating effect and is safe for use in cosmetics, if the intentions of use are good. This, by my understanding, basically means that depending on the ingredients included in a product, PEG-8 can be harmful if a product includes toxins as it will allow these toxins to penetrate much easier. With this particular toner, most ingredients are either nourishing or harmless as they are meant to act as activators for other ingredients.
  • PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil: an emulsifier and a fragrance ingredient and fortunately not considered an irritant or harmful.
  • Magnolia Officinalis Bark extract: anti-inflammatory, prevents loss of elasticity, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, antibacterial.

The above mentioned are the first 5 ingredients thus the most present in the product, other ingredients are: Glyceryl Glucoside – a humectant which moisturizes and conditions; Polyquaternium 10 – moisturizes; citric acid – treats uneven skin tones, unclog pores, helps curing wrinkles; and the rest of the ingredients are preservatives, activators/agents or fragrances which have low hazardous ratings (unless you’re super sensitive)


Now that we are done with the science talk, lemme give you my experience with this toner. Bare in mind that i have been using DIY, all natural products (excluding the green sunlight bar I use) for just above 1 and half years now, my skin was shook by the introduction of this toner. I had a couple of pimples after an hour of my first use and i freaked! That’s when I had a look at the ingredient list and saw the presents of alcohol (which i have a history with  breakouts). I panicked for a bit then i thought to myself that maybe my skin isn’t used to products likes Nivea. After a couple of days of continuous use, my skin had cleared and it started agreeing with the toner. Thereafter i visibly started seeing results: my dark spots were slowly clearing just after one week of using it, parts of my face didn’t go super oily as they usually do and most importantly, my skin wasn’t left dry as I anticipated, but instead nourished and refreshed.

With the continuous use of this toner, I foresee my skin being more even toned and having reduced blemishes as well as my dark spots. Its good for people with oily skin as well as combination skin too!


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