DETTOL Eventone Pomegranate Soap || #RubyBox #KeepItEven #DettolSA


Hey Lovies!

As you can see from the title, this blog post will be about the new Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Hygiene Soap! From the time the box of soap was delivered, my room was engulfed in the sweet and fruity aroma, and need I not say that it was like a stain in my nose!


The first day I used the soap, I left a trail everywhere I went. I got endless remarks as to how  lovely my perfume smells, little do they know that its the Pomegranate soap I cleansed with, IMAGINE! Now, I’m a sucker for research and I went through the ingredient list and figured why I fell in love with this soap besides the scent.


  • Pomegranate: antioxidant, vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, maintains skin health, moisturizer, sun protection.
  • Apricot oil: heals damaged skin, maintains skin elasticity, reduces blackheads, removes blemishes, moisturizer, improves skin tone, exfoliates skins,
  • Palm Oil: anti-aging, moisturizer, cleanser, vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidant, protector from UV rays.

It also includes silica: which prevents brittleness and leaves the skin supple; talc: a cooling powder which prevents irritation and leaves skin silky and smooth; glycerin: a humectant which leaves the skin soft and supple as well. All other ingredients are for cleansing purposes, removing dirt and moisturizing and i can only touch on so much! What impresses me most of about this new soap is that it removes dirt and germs without stripping the skin dry of its moisture. Instead, it actually replenishes the skin as well as scrub off dead skin cells and condition it as well.

In conclusion, the soap exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes which leaves a final result of soft, even-toned & nourished, smooth and lets not forget germ-free! Duh! Its Dettol for crying out loud. Go get one and dont miss out on even-toned skin!


#KeepItEven #RubyBox #DettolSA

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