NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! || “My Natural Hair” || Product Review


Hey guys!! It’s “Your Naturelle Bae, Tvtendv”! Halla at your girl!!

Today’s video is all about “My Natural Hair” and their hair care products!! “My Natural Hair” is a South African based company and specializes in hair care products that range from hair shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and hair butters, and so much more!!!


I’ve been “My Natural Hair” for about 4 months and my overall thoughts on their products are that its value for your money and worth the time and effort put into using these products!! Patience is key in hair growth and as I always say, “Health Over Length!!” Its 100% natural and it works wonders on your hair and scalp, and the added plus is that 1, its free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petroleum and mineral oil and 2, is made for both relaxed and natural hair, NO DISCRIMINATION! It’s for anyone who wants a healthy head of hair.

Product prices:
– Strengthening oil 150ml: R79.99
– Moisturising butter 125ml: R79.99
– Hydrating conditioner 250ml: R74.99
– Nourishing shampoo 250ml: R74.99

Purchase options:
– Website:
– In stores (Clicks)
– Instagram: _mynatural_hair
– Facebook: My Natural Hair
– Email:


Check out my YouTube channel for my latest video “My Natural Hair” Product Review to watch the detailed review and expect a blog post on a written version 🙂

Enjoy ❤

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