Why My Circle is getting tinier and tinier.

Hey guys!

Am I the only one who’s gotten to the point of not caring about who wants to stay in my life and who wants to chuck? I honestly find it extremely sad that at the age of 19 I already have such a hard head about certain things and I’m not the only one who’s like this at this age unfortunately.

In the year 2017, I’ve lost so many so called friends and people revealed their true colors, and without being a hypocrite, I also revealed my own true colors, to myself even! A quote that really got me thinking and realizing:


The whole point of this blog post was to motivate anyone that was in a similar space as me and to tell them that it will all be alright. Don’t lose yourself to anyone and don’t turn into the thing you hate, it’s so easy for that to happen without you even realizing. DON’T GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE IF IT’S TO THE DETRIMENT OF YOUR WELL-BEING. And with that said, no-one is perfect and be kind to everyone cause you never what they are going through.

As i embark on this journey to bettering myself, I pray that we all find it right at the end of it.



Your Naturelle Bae, Tvtendv ❤

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